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get to know me meme: [6/8] male characters ben wyatt
"I’m not afraid of cops. I have no reason to be. I never break any laws, ever, because I’m deathly afraid of cops."

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June 7th, 1942: Edward Hopper completes his best known painting, the seminal Nighthawks. When asked by a Chicago Tribute reporter about the philosophical meaning behind the diner having no clearly visible exits Hopper responded, “Shit. Fuck. I did it again. Goddamnit. Fuck. Not again. I did it again. Shit.” and slammed his hat on his leg.

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World Scratch MapA classic world map where the continents are topped with a scratch-off foil surface so you can show off the places you’ve visited.


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Michael Sam Reacts to Being Drafted by the Rams

This is the footage that ESPN aired live. So not only do we have the first openly gay player drafted to the NFL but we also have the first gay kiss between player and lover aired on national tv.

That’s right, ESPN, owned by DISNEY, aired this in full with no cuts.

How about that for some equality?

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Ask Amy

Monday Motivation ♥

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